Chelsea Trap Neuter and Release (TNR) started as Chelsea Cat Colony Helpers, which was a small group focused on feeding community cats in the Chelsea, AL area. The volunteers jumped in by spending their own money and time to care for the cats. Volunteers established relationships with local businesses to secure feeding stations, which are a vital component to an effective and successful TNR program.

Feeding community cats does service animal humanity, but it does not address the over-population problem in Alabama. A small subset of the group decided to start trapping cats to get them neutered, vaccinated for rabies, and released back into the community. Over time, many community supporters generously donated money, cat food, cat traps, and other supplies. The decision was made to convert the small group into a non-profit.


Chelsea Trap Neuter and Release (TNR) was formed in 2021 with the expanded purpose of not only feeding the community cats, but to get them neutered, vaccinated for rabies to prevent spread, and released where they were trapped.

When we trap cats, sometimes we get kittens. If we find kittens that can be socilaized, we partner with other animal rescues to get them into a foster program and hopefully get them adopted.

Please contact us with any questions at meow@chelseatnr.org.


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